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According to human anatomy, the connection between the spine and the rest of the body is extremely crucial. The functionality of these two areas should be synchronized to avoid any type of misalignments. However, for various reasons, an imbalance between these two occurs and our body encounters a lot of ailments with bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles, cartilage, and more.

Communication throughout the body is very important, hence why we strive towards removing any interference that may block your body from accessing its full healing capacity. Thrust Joint Mobilization/Manipulation

In medical terms, thrust joint manipulation is a low-amplitude high-velocity thrust technique that addresses joint immobilization. This is prescribed for extreme conditions of muscle, skeleton, and spine. 

 Club Five, we provide advanced chiropractic services, in which both thrust joint mobilization and manipulation are utilized. Mobilization refers to the slow movement of the joint within the normal range and manipulation refers to short and high-velocity movements to push a joint beyond the range.

Trust our knowledge and skills to get relief from your joint-related issues with a combination of sustainable healing modalities


Thrust Joint Mobilization

Diversified Technique

Drop-Table Technique

Activator Technique

Flexion Distraction

Equipped with special tools, adequate knowledge, skills, and experience. Club5Five provides a flexion distraction technique to optimize spinal mobility. Working through those knots, trigger points, stiff muscles, and stiff joints we hybridize this technique with all other modalities offered Club5Five to fully unlock the functional aspect of spinal mobility and spinal healing. 

Promotes healing of spinal disc tissues, which helps to draw blood flow towards the damaged tissue. Helps restore normal spinal disc and joint alignment, while relieving pressure on spinal nerves when compressed.


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